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Arusha National Park in the Northern-Eastern Arusha region of Tanzania is set around the volcanic Mount Meru: the country’s second highest mountain standing at 4,566 meters, next to Kilimajaro which is only 60km away. It is accessible from the Kilimanjaro International Airport just 35km away which can connect to the Arusha regional airport. The city of Arusha is only few kilometers South-West and Moshi is 60km away. However, Arusha National Park’s main gate is 25km East of Arusha which is the ideal place to locate yourself for a safari into the Park, only 40 minute drive away. The location is relatively small and can be visited in the course of half a day compared to the other larger national parks, but it lies right along the axis of a 300km chain of parks that include the Serengeti , Kilimanjaro, and Ngorongoro Crater parks.

The Meru Crater from the West of Arusha National Park channels the Jekkumia River through the Park from its rim where Mount Meru lies whereas the Momella Lakes in the North-East host a colourful array of algae that provide an ideal environment for wading birds. To the South-East, the Ngurdoto Crater harbours a lush grassland, adding to the close nit diversity of a park that can be seen in less than a day.