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Konyagi: The Spirit of the Nation

“Konyagi is an exceptionally smooth, crystal clear spirit with a spicy nose that complements any mixer”….according to the bottle.

How true! This morning (oops, shouldn’t confess to drinking in the morning! 🤦‍♀️), I accidentally added milk instead of tropical juice to my morning Konyagi. (Packaging can be confusing at 10 am when you’ve been awake since 2 am…)

I discovered a new cocktail! With a bit of ginger and cinnamon, I was reminded of eggnog without that heavy egg and sugar taste. I think it’s my new cocktail of choice, frankly, as I have been worrying about the sugar in the tropical juice.

However, when you arrive at Sakila Sunrise lodge you will enjoy our complimentary house cocktail: Mama Sakila’s Favorite….Konyagi, lime, guava juice or tropical mix, ginger, on the rocks! (After that, I welcome your suggestions. We explore together!

This is the label on the Konyagi bottle:

I can relate! There is something about Konyagi that gives me tons of energy and creativity. Of course, not good to overdo 🤪! (35% alcohol content)

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Your friend in Tanzania,
Mama Sakila