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Arusha City 

Our lodge is situated between 2 of the largest cities in Northern Tanzania – Arusha and Moshi.  Moshi is at the base of Kilimanjaro and is the city of climbing whereas Arusha, is at the beginning of the northern Tanzania safari circuit and is the city of Safari country.   Arusha has around 400,000 inhabitants.

Located on the foothills of Mount Meru and exactly at the midpoint of the African continent between Cape Town and Cairo, Arusha is a sophisticated, lively city, standing as the hub of Tanzania’s tourism. As a centre of tourism in Tanzania, Arusha is the starting point for many wildlife and climbing safaris particularly to Arusha, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks and to the Ngorongoro Crater which is in the western part of the region.

The history of Arusha goes back when in last decade of the 10th century when one German, Captain Johannes built a fort at the foot of Mount Meru to facilitate German colonialisation of Tanzania. Arusha has grew, first as a trading post for the local people and today is famous centre for various international activities which prompted the former US president Bill Clinton to christened it “The Geneva of Africa” during his brief visit to Arusha several years ago. 

The beauty of Arusha

As you enter from the main road out of your car window you will see small shops plastered with advertising signs for Coca Cola or the latest mobile phone network. Next to the shops are small markets with an astounding array of fruits and vegetables.

Bicycles are repaired on the road side; a hair-dresser has established his saloon under a big mango tree.


Things to do in Arusha

  •  Tanzanite – This is a rare gem found only in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite Experience offers a free thing to do in Arusha. Enjoy a museum tour and shopping experience catered around the unique story of the Tanzanite gem. The stones are acquired locally and through ethical means, making them a wonderful and significant treasure to take back home. 
  •  Masai Market. . Be prepared to bargain and negotiate for those interesting souvenirs. Each vendor has their own stall, and although some items repeat in many stalls, each seller has at least one item that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The Cultural Heritage Centre is the place to see Tanzanian culture through art and artifacts. Beautiful exhibits tell the past and present stories of Tanzania and its people. There are lots of items for sale from the local artist, giving you the opportunity to contribute to the ever growing artistic expression you will find throughout the country. 


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