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Cultural Safaris with the WaMeru 

In Arusha/Arumeru the dominant groups are the WaArusha and the WaMeru. The WaMeru, a Bantu speaking people came first, about three hundred years ago, arriving from the Usambara area together with the first Macheme Chagga, whose Bantu language is very closely allied to Meru. They settled in the forest on the south eastern slopes of Mount Meru (still their homeland) which was at that time only inhabited by the Koningo, a hunter/gatherer people of small stature. The Meru are skilled agriculturists who have utilized their favourable environment over the centuries without depleting its fertility.Mount Meru

The WaMeru  current population number is about 198,000 people. Today they are organized in 26 clans. Most Wameru claim their origin from the Machame and Siha/Ng’uni groups associated with Chagga community.


WaMeru Cultural Tour

This can be a full day or a half-day program. Guests will experience WaMeru hospitality, share their food and learn some of their traditional language. One can take a walking tour around the Meru land with different sceneries, take part in handcraft making with a traditional women’s group and join in their song and dance (Mbere). Guests can listen to WaMeru stories, riddles and sayings from a storyteller or join in the day-to-day activities of the locals to have a better feel of how they live. 
Our guests enjoy learning the names and uses of medical plants, shrubs and trees as used by WaMeru.

In the area around our lodge, some of the best Tanzanian coffee is grown. Enjoy a walk through the private small-scale coffee “shambas” (fields) of the local Wameru people. Get to know many interesting facts about coffee, how it is grown, harvested, proceeded and exported. Learn to make coffee in the traditional Tanzanian style which also includes washing, roasting and grinding the beans.

This two hour guided walk weaves you along the village foot trails, through the coffee and banana farms, and down to the scenic riverbanks of the Marisha River. Thick with tropical vegetation, various birds and primates and much more and still you can sit along the banks and be enveloped by many wonders of the area with natural vegetations.

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