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When to travel: weather (at least that was meant to be the focus…?)

I personally love the weather here every day. The cool mornings and evenings are welcome after the heat of the day, and the vegetation is beautiful during the rainy season when the rain usually comes in the morning, leaving the rest of the day rain free.

Let me share with you the climate here during the year so you know what to expect. If you have the flexibility to choose your travel according to your favorite weather, let me try to help you decide.

I have lived for many years all along the west coast of the United States, from Seattle to Los Angles; on the French Caribbean island of Martinique; and the west coast of Norway (Bergen area), so when I think of climate, these are my reference points. Of course, like in all countries, the weather can be drastically different depending on where you are. For example, the weather in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam, located at sea level, is not the same as my weather on the slopes of Mount Meru, in the northern highlands of Tanzania. The guide books are very helpful with temperature charts, but there is nothing like first hand guidance!

Tanzania is located slightly south of the equator, which means that if you live north of the equator, your summer is our winter.

If you plan a visit to Sakila Sunrise between May and August, pack your Patagonia and fleece jackets to enjoy the early morning, which you don’t want to miss, and the evening sky. I wake very early and put on a sweater under my Patagonia. I don’t have air conditioning or a heater and it never occurs to me that I need either one. I remember my first trip to Tanzania which was between January and February. I was surprised to see fireplaces in my room in many of the lodges. Now I understand guests enjoying the fireplace, especially in July and August. I think your comforters at Sakila Sunrise will keep you warm enough!

At Sakila Sunrise I have several outdoor areas for you to enjoy. During the day when you want relief from the sun and in the evening when you want the heat of the adobe fireplace, the covered deck with comfortable sofas and chairs is ideal. The deck surrounding the swimming pond is great for sunbathing on the lounge chairs or sitting at a table under an umbrella enjoying the view. The swimming pond has been designed to blend with our natural environment, our water collection system that makes us self sustainable, and our reliance on solar power. The result is more the look of a pond, rather than a traditional swimming pool, although it does have an infinity edge, which is really neat. We use black Tanga stone (unique to Tanzania) to line the pool, which is not very deep, but as the water isn’t heated, we need the sun to warm it naturally. I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

Let me discuss the heat of the African sun, which is directly overhead this close to the equator. One of the things I love about living here is the more or less 12 hours of daylight/12 hours of darkness all year. The sunrise is around 6 and in no time at all you feel the heat of the sun. Our climate is not tropical, so when you put on a hat or move into the shade, you’re very comfortable.

Ok, so let me summarize:

If you love the warmth of summer, come between January to March.

If you love the freshness of rain, come in April to May and November to December.

If you just want to be comfortable and don’t mind some chill in the air, and morning clouds, come between June and October.

I hope this has been helpful.